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Rosemary Michael
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I am Rosemary Michael From the United States. I was diagnosed of Breast cancer in 2012, and i have not been having things easy because of the severe pain.Hence, I was operated in Texas September 2012 and i thought all will be well afterwards. The pain still persisted, even when i was told by my doctor that the operation was successful. I was placed on several drugs and ran several test. Then, my doctor told me that he has something to tell me. He came down to my place and told me about the Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) remedy for treatment of cancer and other related diseases. I was shocked at first ,because the source of this remedy is from cannabis leaves. But i was not bothered, because anything that will restore me was m most priority. So i agreed to use this remedy. But he further gave me details of who i will contact for this, and that happens to be Dr. Ahmed Mustafa who resides in Dubia. After making contact with Dr. Ahmed mustafa, he sent me his products with the instructions on how to use it. I spent 3-4 months using it and from the 2nd month of usage i was already feeling better, but i was told to continue using it until i finish the required quantity assigned for the treatment. Now am feeling better and i move fast and smartly, the pain is gone, all thanks to Dr. Ahmed and above all to God Almighty for using Dr Ahmed. Contact Dr. Ahmed Mustafa on cureforcancerinitiative@gmail.com, and turn your situation around.
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