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Vloženo 3. 2. 2021
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Full-length mirrors

brooke roberts roberts
Vloženo 3. 2. 2021
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Full-length mirrors

Full-length mirrors

The fact that a large, human-sized mirror is simply needed in the hallway is a fact beyond doubt. This piece of furniture here performs not only (and not so much!) A decorative, but practical function. Take a look at yourself before going to work, to the theater, on an evening walk, and what can I say - even before taking out the garbage, not only women but also men want to. Moreover, in order to be sure of your complete irresistibility, you need a large mirror glass partition for shower in which you can examine yourself completely - from head to toe.

Both the owners of private houses and the owners of typical city apartments in high-rise buildings think about buying full-length mirrors. This is quite logical, because how else, if not with the help of a huge reflective surface, can you see and eliminate the slightest error in the image, in whatever part of the body it is?

Fortunately, the range of large mirrors on the market today is overwhelming. Customers can choose from models of various shapes and sizes, strict laconic products, and options with additional options, but especially discerning customers can always order full-length mirrors according to an individual sketch.

But how do you know which mirror to choose in order to be reflected in it completely - from head to toe? Answering this question, we note: when reflecting, the law, familiar from the school physics course, operates that the angle of incidence of the gaze is similar to the angle of reflection. In other words, when we look at any part of our body in the mirror, we do it at an angle. Therefore, in order to see your own reflection in full, a mirror surface, the height of which is half our height is enough. For example, the optimal size of a large mirror for a person with a height of 180 cm will be a model whose height is 90 cm, its width depends solely on the preferences of the buyer, but the optimal one is considered to be one that varies from 50 to 60 cm. A model with a height of 1.2 meters will be more than enough for

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that during the installation of full-length wall mirrors, the rule must be observed according to which their upper border should be flush with the tallest family member or 5-10 cm above him (this gap is necessary in case of visiting someone will look higher).


An assortment of large mirrors for the hallway

As mentioned above, the choice of large mirrors on the modern market is simply huge, which allows potential buyers to choose a product that best suits their requirements and wishes. The following models deserve special attention:


Classic options without additional options. They are laconic reflective surfaces without any decorative details. Their advantage is that this kind of model fits perfectly into any interior, regardless of the style in which it is decorated.

  • Mirrors with LED lighting. A convenient and practical solution in cases where the room in which the product will be installed has insufficient lighting. The backlight can be both external and built-in, options in which the light zones are located along the vertical sides of the model are in special demand, because this way the lamp will illuminate the person completely - from head to toe.
  • Products illuminated from fluorescent lamps. Here, the above recommendation regarding the vertical arrangement of lamps is no less relevant.
  • Models in aluminum frames fit perfectly into the interior, which is decorated in high-tech style.
  • Wall mirrors in wooden or baguette frames will be the perfect complement to classic-style rooms.


In addition to standard solutions presented in the catalog of most manufacturers, potential buyers can order products with additional options, in particular:

  • with a clock built into the canvas;
  • with an anti-fog system (an excellent solution if a large mirror will be installed, for example, in a bathroom glass for showers);
  • With a chamfer, that is, with a special treatment of the cut and the face of the edge with their further polishing.


Where to hang a large mirror?

There are no special requirements for the installation site of oversized reflective canvases. It is quite logical that such interior items are needed in the hallway - we have already talked about this. But are large mirrors only relevant there? Given the fact that the products that have become the topic of our conversation are able to visually increase the space, make it wider, they can become an interesting design solution for the following premises:

  • Living room and bedroom, where such a solution will bring special sophistication to the interior.
  • Bathroom. Here, a large mirror will increase the space and make the bath procedures more comfortable.
  • A study where such an original detail will emphasize the owner's subtle sense of style.
  • Non-residential premises - clothing stores, offices, and hotel lobbies, etc., in which large mirrors perform not only an aesthetic but also a practical function.


Features of care for large mirrors

Before describing the subtleties of caring for mirrors, let's touch on the features of their installation. Before choosing the model you like, you should perform all the necessary measurements. This will greatly simplify the installation process and will guarantee that the purchase will perfectly fit into the interior of the room.

Large wall mirrors are mounted using reliable metal plates that are attached to the back of the canvas. In some cases, an adhesive film can be used.


Care recommendations for large reflective surfaces:


  • prevent overheating and direct sunlight on the mirror surface;
  • protect from high humidity so that stains do not appear on the product;
  • regularly wipe off dust;
  • Promptly eliminate heavy contamination; hot water with chalk and ordinary table vinegar dissolved in it is well suited for this.

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