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Vloženo 28. 1. 2021
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Features of bathroom mirrors

brooke roberts roberts
Vloženo 28. 1. 2021
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Features of bathroom mirrors

Features of bathroom mirrors

Features of bathroom mirrors

A mirror in a bathroom is not just a decorative element, but an indispensable piece of furniture that performs a practical function. Unlike other rooms, here the appearance of the glass partition for shower depends more on what is around and is reflected in its surface. If, for example, a mirror in a living room is usually placed in beautiful, sometimes even luxurious frames, then in conditions of high humidity and unstable bathroom temperatures, one has to do without frills.

Choosing a bathroom mirror is not an easy task. The range of products of modern manufacturers is striking in its variety, and it can be difficult to navigate in it, besides, the microclimate in this room dictates its own requirements for the selection of furniture and other interior items. What should be a bathroom mirror, what to consider before buying it, as well as how to care for a reflective surface so that it will serve for years, will be discussed in our today's article.


Classification of reflective surfaces for the bathroom

A bathroom mirror can be made in absolutely any shape, be a separate element of the interior, or be built into furniture, for example, into a wall cabinet door. The types of mirrors depend on their purpose. From this point of view, products are divided into two large groups - panoramic and cosmetic. Both those and others can be round, square, rectangular, made in the form of a polyhedron with pointed or rounded edges, made in the form of an irregular geometric shape, etc.

To give the products special originality, many manufacturers put drawings on them - plain or multi-colored, cut out on the canvas itself, with decorative elements glued to the reflective surface.


Based on the type of configuration, bathroom mirrors are:

  • Separately taken interior items;
  • With a shelf made of impact-resistant transparent glass;
  • Combined with various pieces of furniture, for example, with a wall cabinet or a cabinet.


If we talk about the quality characteristics of products that improve their operational properties, then the following models have become widespread in the arrangement of bathrooms:

Moisture resistant, which retains its original appearance even in high humidity conditions.

  • They do not fog up, which is very important with constant interaction with steam and water.
  • Heated to prevent perspiration on reflective surfaces.
  • Backlit.


Illuminated mirrors: beauty and practicality in one bottle

I would like to pay special attention to illuminated mirrors because this group of products is striking in its variety. The concept of backlighting does not necessarily mean a huge number of bulbs - the lighting element may well be in a single copy, but it is built into the plafond above the mirror or next to it.

Deservedly popular mirror with lamps located on the sides from above in such a way that the light beams fall on the reflecting surface. Bathroom glass for showers with internal LED lighting is no less relevant. Such solutions look very original, sometimes even luxurious; they are usually preferred in the process of decorating spacious bathrooms in private cottages and country houses. Lamps can be mounted horizontally or vertically, or they can cover the entire perimeter of the reflective surface.

There are also models on the market with decorative lighting, which are LED lamps built into the mirror. They are used mainly for decorative purposes, but they are completely unsuitable as the main light source.


Features of the choice of bathroom mirrors

In order for a reflective surface installed in a bathroom to serve for many years without losing either its original attractiveness or performance, it must be moisture resistant. The very concept of moisture resistance implies the ability of a product to withstand high humidity. To do this, during the manufacturing process, the future mirror is subjected to a technological procedure involving the addition of special synthetic resins, which give it additional moisture resistance

How to choose a bathroom mirror: helpful tips

  • When choosing a mirror for the bathroom, it is important to make sure there are no scratches or other flaws on it. There can be no distortions on the reflection, and on the reverse side of the product - bulges, bubbles, and other irregularities. You should also make sure of the proper quality of the frame if any.
  • A lot of attention must be paid to the type of installation - these can be suspensions, mobile mounts, and holders. If the choice fell on a model built into, for example, a cabinet, it can be fastened with liquid nails.
  • Don't skimp on the quality of the reflective surface. In conditions of high humidity and frequent temperature changes, a cheap mirror will quickly become covered with bubbles on the inside, and it will have to be thrown away. It is better to give preference to products from well-known manufacturers who value their reputation and produce the highest quality goods.


Features of the care of mirrors in the bathroom

  • To prevent the mirror surface from becoming sweaty, it can be wiped with a car glass cleaner.
  • To preserve the attractive appearance of the reflective surface and give it a beautiful shine, the product should be wiped with a soft cloth once a week.
  • After bath procedures, it is advisable to ventilate the room, since excessive vaporization negatively affects the mirror surfaces.

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