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Ahsan Ahsanali
Vloženo 9. 2. 2021
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Best CBD hemp flowers you can buy online in 2020

Ahsan Ahsanali
Vloženo 9. 2. 2021
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Best CBD hemp flowers you can buy online in 2020

Best CBD hemp flowers you can buy online in 2020

How to choose the best CBD hemp flowers?

When we select the best CBD hemp flowers, we don't just choose something at random. We carry out practical tests (smoke or vaporize the flowers) and check each flower for quality, purity and efficacy.

This criterion is how we vet all of our CBD companies and their CBD products before being on our “Best of…” lists.

1. Look for a well-grown organic CBD flower from the United States.

Hemp flower sourced from certified organic hemp farms across the United States is crucial. You don't want to buy hemp flowers grown in poor, contaminated conditions where harmful pesticides and herbicides are freely used in the growing process.

Always check a CBD company's website for information on their source of hemp. Most reputable CBD brands will post this in a mission statement or in the “Our Story” section. Colorado and Oregon hemp is preferred, but don't count California or New York.

2. Choose high quality flowers from reputable growers

Choosing a high quality CBD flower from reputable producers / brands is crucial. You don't want to spend your hard earned money on poor, ineffective products from piecemeal sources.

To determine a brand's legitimacy, be on the lookout for the following:

Use review sites and online forums. Reddit is a great unbiased resource. r / CBD and r / CBDhempBuds are both personal favorites. Is the CBD brand making bold health claims? False health claims and promises are usually a red flag unless backed by science and research. Is the CBD brand a member of a regulatory body? The National Hemp Association (NHA) is one to watch.

3. Make sure the CBD flower is third party tested  

Make sure your CBD bud is third party tested for potency and purity. Once the tests are completed, the laboratories will issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

A COA will show you the following:

Cannabinoid profile - the number of cannabinoids in the extract and the amount present (in percentage) Terpene profile - the number of terpenes in the extract and the amount present (in percentage) Heavy metal test - presence of any arsenic, lead , mercury, or cadmium Pesticides & Herbicides Testing Mycotoxin Testing - presence of environmental / biological toxins such as molds, fungi, parasites, etc.

4. Rate the potency of the flower

The power generally varies between light, medium and high.

Light potency - Below 10% CBD Medium potency - 10–17% CBD High potency - 18-22% CBD

Always be on the lookout for medium to high potency CBD strains, even if you are a beginner. The soft, substandard buds just aren't worth your time and effort.

A high-quality CBD strain containing substantial amounts of Cannabidiol (and other cannabinoids) is the way to go. We recommend:

Cherry WineSpectreElectra

5. Terpenes

Be on the lookout for a wide variety of terpenes in your hemp flower. Cannabis and hemp terpenes enhance the overall experience. They are known to work synergistically with cannabinoids to produce better results in your body.

Beneficial terpenes include:

You can find the terpenes present in your CBD flower by looking at the COA terpene profile. If no terpene profile can be found, contact a customer service representative.

6. Aroma

The smell and aroma of the CBD bud is a good indicator of its quality. The potent, tasty and interesting CBD flower is packed with incredibly rich aromas, mostly derived from terpenes. Some distinct flavors include:

PineEpiceSweetFlower / floralHerbalEarth / wood

A poor quality flower has the opposite. No rich aromas. No distinct scents. Most of the time, bad CBD flowers don't smell anything. A bit like dirt on the ground. Sometimes, however, poor flowers can smell like tar or diesel - you have to steer clear of them.

7. Flavor

High-quality CBD strains are full of flavor. Strong notes of pine, spices, sweetness and / or fruity accompanied by their characteristic skunk and grassy taste indicate good quality. The subtle, weak or no flavor, on the other hand, means that the flower you bought is of lower quality and probably less effective.

One way to tell if your buds are decent is a method called "dry pulling". Simply roll your flower into a nice joint, place the tip of the butt on your lips, and inhale (make sure it's off). If the flavors are rich, strong, and potent on your taste buds, you've hit the jackpot. 

8. Look at the resin coating

The resin glands (also known as trichomes) are the source of all of the goodness of hemp. They are tiny little crystalline growths that cover the entire hemp plant, carrying a large number of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

The resin glands on your CBD bud should be very visible. If you take a look at it now, the resin glands should look like a blanket of white snow. This indicates a quality flower. If there is no white coat, be careful. The flower could be ineffective.

9. Look at the color of the CBD hemp flower

The effective and high-quality CBD flower has different shades of color. The color of the buds should not be uniform. Purples, greens, reds, and pinks are clear markers of a large flower.

Poor quality or ineffective CBD hemp buds typically sport faded brown and green colors. If you see this, the smoke will probably be bordering on unnecessary and maybe a little harsh.

10. Note the stickiness of the flower

A decent hemp flower should be sticky. It almost feels like there is a substance oozing between your fingers. This is due to the high number of trichomes on the bud.

A non-sticky CBD flower, however, does not indicate poor quality. At least not always. An over-dried hemp flower may naturally have fewer trichomes or it has been left to hang and dry too long.

If your CBD hemp flower doesn't look sticky but is drier and wither, don't throw it away. You can easily use it to bake CBD hemp brownies or cookies.


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