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Melissa Rich
Vloženo 16. 9. 2020
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6 Smart Gadgets to Opt For To Avoid the Covid-19 Virus

Melissa Rich
Vloženo 16. 9. 2020
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6 Smart Gadgets to Opt For To Avoid the Covid-19 Virus

6 Smart Gadgets to Opt For To Avoid the Covid-19 Virus

With every passing day, there is a new update on the COVID-19 virus as well as new ways to prevent getting infected. Among all these important ways of avoiding the virus is washing hands regularly and social distance to stay safe. However, social distancing or always sanitizing your hands is not always possible.

The COVID-19 virus has resulted in a world pandemic with billions of people staying at home. Besides the many new tips and actions are taken to maintain social distancing, it is better to invest in gadgets that can help us keep safe from the virus.

Here are seven amazing gadgets that have garnered attention with the spreading of the novel COVID-19 virus.

1. Smart band

A fantastic tool developed to prevent face touching. The product was originally designed to reduce people from skin picking or nail biting during stressful times. However, with a little modification in the design, it is used as a gadget that can help you to avoid touching your face by buzzing when your hand is too close to a face. The hardware and the software as pivoted to create a band that stops you from touching your face from spreading.

2. An AI solution for thermal temperature and risk detection

This gadget uses artificial intelligence to monitor real-time videos and predict violence or dangerous behaviors. Created originally for security purposes, the device was pivoted to help companies monitor temperature levels and potential COVID-19 cases in public places. This service can be used at hospitals, airports, corporate offices, and malls as well.

3. Smart masks

Smart masks are the next gadget in the list of Internet of Things. The internet-connected Bluetooth face masks with wireless technology are connected with an in-build headset that enables the users to listen to music, make calls, clarify the speech, and more. The smart mask connects with the phone via Bluetooth.

4. Portable hooks

A simple design, but the best solution to avoid contact with things in public, such as doors. Touching of door handles and more such things can easily transmit the virus to healthy bodies. However, this can be avoided by the hygiene hook that can efficiently open doors without having the need of hand touching them. It is easy to fit in the pocket and is made from a non-porous material, making t clean to be washed every day.

5. A top table fruit and veggie purifier

One of the best gadgets that comfortably sits in the kitchen to make your food safe to eat. This smart device is a chemical-free ozone technology that disinfects the food by removing the pesticides found on them during their journey to the market. It can remove viruses or amount of bacteria that can be transferred through hand touching. It can make food safer to eat when at home.

6. Self-cleaning water bottle

The gadget had been in the market for a year-round, but it gained popularity ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. The self-cleaning water bottle is produced to clean and purify the water up to 99.99% of harmful odor and bacteria using the UV-C light. The process takes about 60 seconds when clicking the button on the side of the bottle. Not just that, it can also activate every two hours to make sure the water remains clean and odor-free.


When it comes to selecting the right things to avoid the virus and practicing social distancing, why not also take advantage of gadgets that can help keep the virus at bay. Make sure to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly to keep the virus away.

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