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Vloženo 19. 6. 2021
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AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset (Avantek) - Review

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Vloženo 19. 6. 2021
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AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset (Avantek) - Review

AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset (Avantek) - Review

We had the chance to test the Avantek AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset. Here you can discover exhaustively what our initial feeling resembled before we broadly expound on the earphones and the amplifier. 

The Initial Feeling 

At € 53.99, the AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset is in the center value range, is Windows 10 viable and is associated with the PC through USB link. Nonetheless, the link has an agreeable length of 2.20m, which permits adequate opportunity of development. 

The headset is conveyed in a straightforward black box with a plastic supplement. Notwithstanding the headset, it additionally incorporates a CD with the related programming - on account of this, most sold headphones 2020 further settings for speakers and mouthpiece can be made. In any case, establishment is certifiably not an unquestionable requirement, the headset likewise works without it because of Plug and Play. 

The Mdr xb950bt b Review are totally dark, outwardly of the ear cups there are orange embeds that are enlightened (lighting can be turned here and there). Looks stylish, however as a wearer you don't have quite a bit of it since you can't see the lighting? Generally speaking, the workmanship looks strong notwithstanding a ton of plastic. 

Earphones and sound 

The auricles are circumaural and covered with counterfeit calfskin, the headband adjusts to the "head tallness" because of the holder as adaptable elastic groups. The wearing of solace is given, the cushioning of the auricles appeared to be adequate to us not to cause any awkward abrading or pressing factor in any event, for a few hours. 

Outside commotions are clear, however not totally weakened. The volume can be controlled through a control component joined to the link, which might have been set a little further down, so it may very well be strategically located on the work area, for instance. So it generally hangs somewhat awkwardly, noticeable all around. 

Volume, mouthpiece and lighting can be changed by means of the sound control on the link 

We tried the AudioMX essentially while playing (explicitly Black Desert Online ), where it was unquestionably persuasive as far as solid. In the event that you actually need to mess with the sound: There are different alternatives covered up in the product - just right-click on the earphones symbol in the left region. 


Amplifier for Headsets

The amplifier can be driven into the earphones when not being used. This capacity is unquestionably useful, yet the entire thing feels somewhat insecure when taken care of - it stays not yet clear whether the withdrawal expansion actually works easily after a couple of times or the system protests eventually. 


The mouthpiece is controlled by means of the control component on the link, where it tends to be turned here and there. absolutely You can tell whether the mouthpiece is on or off by whether the LED light on the tip of the amplifier is lit or not. Issue with this: Unfortunately, because of its situation, you can't see the light yourself when you have the headset on your head. Be that as it may, it is helpful as a marker on the off chance that you have taken it off and neglected to kill the receiver. 

The light on the receiver shows whether it is on or off. 

The amplifier is sound-wise, however the sound is somewhat suppressed by the other individual, which can be helped in the event that you evaluate the settings enough. 

Similarly as with earphones, there are likewise different alternatives for the receiver in the product behind the amplifier image in the left region - lamentably the purported MagicVX impacts (which should make you sound like a duck, for instance) didn't work for us. Well that is not emotional - who needs to seem like a duck or a beast constantly - however it actually harms that we were unable to test it. 


The AudioMX Stereo Gaming Headset is certifiably not a top of the line gadget (which was not out of the ordinary at this cost), however a gorgeous and decidedly made headset for each and every individual who doesn't utilize it exorbitantly and can make little trade offs with the amplifier .


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