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Elisa Wilson
Vloženo 3. 7. 2020
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How to Tell if Someone Has Read Your LinkedIn Message

Elisa Wilson
Vloženo 3. 7. 2020
Líbí se mi
How to Tell if Someone Has Read Your LinkedIn Message

How to Tell if Someone Has Read Your LinkedIn Message

LinkedIn is not a platform like Snapchat or Facebook, but it has similar influence and power on its own. Some people use LinkedIn more than Facebook. Here you can find new work, meet new people and also discover new companies. Did you send someone a message over LinkedIn and want to know if they have read it? Read on and learn how to do so.

How to Tell When Someone Read Your LinkedIn’s Message

Who reads your message on LinkedIn depends on your privacy settings. There are particular settings for reading receipts to enable. This feature will show you when your recipient reads your information.

Here are the steps on how to turn on reading receipts into LinkedIn:

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Tap on settings & privacy.
  3. Click on the communication button and then hit Preference.
  4. Here you need to tap on read-receipt and typing indicators and on the toggle.
  5. After the above process, whenever you send a message to anyone, this will generate a read receipt which notifies your participant to read your message.

How to know when someone blocks you on LinkedIn

Blocking is not necessary or prevalent on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is entirely different from other social platforms like Facebook or Snapchat, so here you don’t need to block someone or be blocked by someone.

To know if you have been blocked, here is what you can do.

  • You are no longer viewing their profile.
  • You can’t send the message.
  • You can see their further posts and updates.
  • You are not connected.
  • You are not under the criteria that someone sees your profile.
  • You can see them in “People you may know” and in the suggestion.

If you are using LinkedIn marketing, then you need to know some features that can increase the chance for someone to see your message.

Complete your LinkedIn Profile

If you are using LinkedIn, then you need to know that your LinkedIn profile is your online resume that is used as your professional remarks and shows your ability to do your work and your companies. You need to spend some time on your LinkedIn profile to complete your details related to your business profile or your professional life. Here you need to mention your qualification, skill and all the things that make your stand high.

Here you need to add your image, look smart and professional with a smile and look approachable. It is not a social media platform, but you need to look good for people to engage with you.




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