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Why is Yahoo Mail not Working on Android?

Dorothy Williams
Vloženo 20. 1. 2021
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Why is Yahoo Mail not Working on Android?

Why is Yahoo Mail not Working on Android?

Are you using the Yahoo mail app on Android Devices? If so, then you have streamlined the email experience for the current age. But some Yahoo mail app users have faced a lot of issues with the Yahoo mail android app. If you are one of them and looking for a solution, then you can follow the steps listed here.

  • If the app is freezing or slow, then you may need to clear the cache of the app and uninstall it. After that, you have to add Yahoo mail to Android once again by installing the app. You can easily set up Yahoo email on Android phone by going to Play Store and downloading the latest app.
  • If some, features are not available on the Yahoo app, then you should log in through a web browser. Some Yahoo features are only available on the web version of the Yahoo platform.
  • You should also check the Internet connection of the device you are using as most problems occur from it.
  • If a few features are broken on your app, then you should review the app permissions on your device.

So, this way you can solve some common Yahoo mail issues on your Android Phones.

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