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Vloženo 16. 9. 2020
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What Is The Difference Between A Legal & Fake ESA Letter?

mikewalkerr Mike
Vloženo 16. 9. 2020
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What Is The Difference Between A Legal & Fake ESA Letter?

What Is The Difference Between A Legal & Fake ESA Letter?


Need an ESA letter for housing? Emotional support animals are in the spotlight these days as the number of people with emotional or mental disorders is increasing. People who suffer psychiatric conditions are prescribed emotional support animals as a part of their therapy.


What Are Emotional Support Animals?

Animals prescribed by doctors that provide love, support, comfort, and gratification to people with psychological disorders are called emotional support animals (ESAs). These are totally different from pets and service animals as they are recommended to furnish companionship and satisfaction to people with mental disorders.

What Is An ESA Letter?


ESA or emotional support animal letter is a legal document that makes your domestic pet a registered animal who will be permitted to live in and fly with you. The emotional support animal letter provides rights to you and your ESA.

An emotional support animal letter is not for everyone and can only be issued to people who have emotional or mental disabilities. But what if you’ll be given a fake ESA letter? If it will happen, then you might face problems and your money can not be refunded as well.

So, it is crucial to know the difference between a real emotional support animal letter and a fake one. You should understand that a fake ESA letter means that your pet is not registered and unfortunately will not be eligible to avail of the opportunities and rights that come with a real ESA letter.

Here are some significant details that a real ESA letter will always have.


A Legal ESA Letter Should Be Prescribed By A Legal Psychiatrist

The real emotional support animal letter should always be issued by a registered mental health professional. If you get a letter from an unauthorized source then you should understand that your letter will have no worth.


Do You Have A Legitimate Qualifying Mental Health Condition?

You can only get an emotional support dog letter if you qualify mental health conditions followed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major activities of life. So, one can get this letter if he is suffering from any emotional or mental ailment such as stress, anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems.


The Real ESA Letter Contain Essential Details About The Medical Professional

The legitimate emotional support animal letter should be typed on the mental health professional’s letterhead. Therefore, it contains all the details including the doctor’s name, clinic address, specialty, registered license number, and medical license and it is crucial that these details should be correct. If you find these details missing then you should realize that it could be a fake ESA letter.


The Legitimate ESA Letter Mentions The Issuance And Expiry Dates Of The ESA Status

Issuance and expiry date of the ESA status can be another detail that can be helpful when you compare a legal emotional support animal letter with a fake one. If your ESA letter misses this component that means you’ve approached an unauthorized ESA letter online


Can You Get A Legitimate ESA Letter Online?

Applying online for US service dog registry is simple but as you know that the internet is full of scammers and burglars who try to fool everyone. You should be careful as earning is not a piece of cake and no one wants to waste his money.


Well, this absolutely doesn’t mean that all companies are fake. The thing is you just have to be more careful while opting for the online company.


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